12-2-20: Friends, I am super pumped to announce the January 2021 launch of my very own all-in-one meal replacement powder. I couldn’t find any single product in the market that had the kind of quality/quantity ratios of ingredients that I was looking for, so I created it myself. It’s called Dragon Dirt, and I truly believe it is the most potent superfood powder on the planet.

The “Dirt” contains a full meal’s worth of macronutrients (plant-based protein, high-fiber carbs, and healthy fats) plus a full range of micronutrients from various super greens and veggies, high-antioxidant fruits, and mushroom and herb adaptogens, for maximum energy, immunity, mind/body wellness, and sports performance. It’s also one of the few complete meal products in the world that features FULL SERVING SIZES of each of its 18 ingredients. And it’s all vegan with no added sugar, flavorings, or emulsifiers—just the 18 ingredients and nothing else. 

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Although this post is my first official announcement of the powder, I’ve had it up on the site here for a couple months now so folks in my inner circle could access some sample bags in advance. But others are already finding it, trying it out and, thankfully, loving it! 

Just add 2 scoops of Dragon Dirt to a blender concoction (like a simple fruit smoothie) and that shake becomes the healthiest, most nutrient-dense meal of the day—period. Or, add 1 scoop to any shake you currently enjoy and jack up the overall nutritional firepower two or three-fold.

Again, the official launch will kick-off next month on 1-1-21, but we will be cranking out blends throughout the month of December. So, if you want to try some Dirt for yourself - or if you would like to “give the gift of health” to a loved one for Christmas this year - scope it out at the Bobby Rock Store. We’ve been turning orders around inside of 24 hours. (We’ve also been selling out almost every week, so if you see that we’re out of stock, check back the next day.)

All for now. Thanks, everyone… 
Andrea V